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Tour through Animal Kingdom with Joe Rohde

We are all looking for new ways to communicate and connect with people and things we love while we are all in quarantine. Thank goodness for the internet, which gives us the ability and outlet to connect with those we love, as well as those who would otherwise seem untouchable.

Imagineer extraordinaire, Joe Rohde, has taken to Instagram during this unprecedented time to share photos (from his own personal archive) and behind-the-scenes stories of how Animal Kingdom came to be.

If you have ever hoped to meet Joe Rohde or wanted a personal or VIP tour through Animal Kingdom, today is the day all your dreams come true!

Joe has been there since the parks inception, has belabored over every detail, and has watched it evolve and grow. He is the heart and soul of Animal Kingdom, a remarkable story teller and has an impressive depth of knowledge from traveling the world – much of which he has brought back and weaved into the fabric of the park.

If you are not already following Joe on Instagram, you can find him here.

Here are a few of his posts to-date. Join the VIP tour through the park:

Follow along for a fascinating look at Animal Kingdom. Each photo and story allows you to experience the park and its culture in a whole new way. Impress your friends and family next time you are at Animal Kingdom with the incredible knowledge you’ve gained from Joe’s historical and cultural walk through the park.

Thanks Joe!

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