Disney is always coming out with something fun and entertaining for us to do while at the parks – as if the attractions, scheduled entertainment and food is not enough!! Now, as you may have heard, there are Disney walls…yes many, many walls! In so many instances, you probably walked right by one and didn’t even realize it! Some of them are a bit hidden, so it becomes a bit of a game or scavenger hunt to find them. They aren’t all out in plain sight.

During my last trip to Walt Disney World, I made it a point during to seek out as many walls as I could and get selfies with them! It’s a big thing on social media. Each wall actually has its own social page or hashtag. It was actually so much fun searching for all of them, I highly recommend it!

Here’s a list of all the current walls at Walt Disney World; there are walls in every park. I didn’t quite make it to all of them in my last adventure, but I will certainly be sure to complete the list during my next visit.


The Purple Wall—Monsters, Inc. Laugh Floor
This is the wall that started the whole craze!! And the first wall I found to take my selfie. It’s pretty easy to find. The Purple Wall (#purplewall or #galacticpurplewall) is located next to Monsters, Inc. Laugh Floor, near the entrance of Tomorrowland in Magic Kingdom Park (on the right- hand side – near Tomorrowland Café). The wall has two options – solid purple as well as a geometric design (which was a recent upgrade!). Choose whichever option you like for the background in your photo (or choose both!).

The Candy Stripe Wall—Main Street Confectionery
Main Street, U.S.A.’s Confectionery in Magic Kingdom Park is the perfect place to take a selfie in front of the Candy Stripe Wall (#candystripewall).


Bubblegum Wall—Spaceship Earth
While the Purple Wall is the most popular in Magic Kingdom, I think the Bubblegum Wall (#bubblegumwall) comes in #1 at Epcot! It’s certainly what started the craze in this park. This one is located near the exit doors of Spaceship Earth.

Blueberry Wall—Spaceship Earth
The Blueberry Wall (#blueberrywall), also located near the exit of Spaceship Earth at Epcot.  This is another fan fave!

Rose Gold Wall—Mission: Space
Rose gold is all the craze between hair, clothes, Minnie ears, shirts, accessories and now a wall! Rose gold is not going anywhere, so head on over to the Rose Gold Wall and take your selfie!! Post to social media and tag #rosegoldwall!

Mosaic Wall—The Land Pavillion
This one has been around for a while and I honestly think we’ve all walked right by it a million times without taking a selfie. It’s always been hard not to notice the beautiful mosaic tiles, but now that the Disney walls are a “thing”, be sure to grab your photo on your way in or out of the Land Pavilion in Future World! Tag #mosaicwall to be featured on social media!

Toothpaste Wall—The Seas with Nemo and Friends pavilion
The Toothpaste Wall (#toothpastewall), located at The Seas with Nemo and Friends pavilion.


Walls of Harambe
In my opinion, these walls are the very coolest that Disney has to offer. The Walls of Harambe (#wallsofharambe) are all found in Africa in Animal Kingdom. There are ton of different ones all clustered together. They are a bit more challenging to find… As you enter in Africa, head towards Kilimanjaro Safari – take a quick right and walk around the bend. Voila! All of the walls are within that area. It’s a beautiful spot to take some great photos!

I also located another “wall”, it’s not an official wall as far as I know, but I included a photo. It’s also located in Harambe and provides a cool painted backdrop! So, you can create your own too!

Moss Wall—Pandora: The World of Avatar
The Moss Wall (#mosswall) is located near Satu’li Canteen in Pandora – World of Avatar.

Funny story – the Moss Wall was the very first picture I took with a Disney wall (and it’s a terrible picture, so it will never be seen!) – and if I recall, the Purple Wall was the only other wall at the time in the Magic Kingdom (that I knew of). At that point, Disney walls weren’t really a BIG thing. I remember the PhotoPass photographer taking the photo and me asking what Magic Shot was included. He said there wasn’t, it was just the wall! I thought, who on earth would take a pic with a green mossy wall?! Not long after, it was bigger than big! Who knew!?


Checkerboard Wall—Toy Story Land
Toy Story Land is filled with nostalgia, colors, fun and excitement. So why not have a few walls that Guests can enjoy! There are actually a few in this land. One of those is the Checkerboard Wall (#checkerboardwall) located by Toy Story Mania!

Toy Story Block Wall—Toy Story Land
Story Land Block Wall (#toystorylandblockwall) is another wall located in Toy Story Land!

Popsicle Wall—Toy Story Land
The Popsicle Wall (#popsiclewall) has become a sensation overnight! Find this wall over at the exit of Toy Story Mania!.

Muppet Wall—Grand Avenue
I walked right past this one and didn’t realize it was a “wall”! Grab a photo in front of the Muppet Wall (#muppetwall), the orange-paint-splattered wall, located on Grand Avenue in Disney’s Hollywood Studios.


Neon Mickey Wall – Disney’s Contemporary Resort
I stayed at the Contemporary and didn’t even get a picture of this wall! That just means I have to go back! The Neon Mickey Wall (#neonmickeywall) is located at Disney’s Contemporary Resort on the 4th floor! It’s a super cool bright, neon wall you will definitely want to capture in all its technicolor glory!

Flower Power Wall – Pop Century Resort
Head over to Pop Century Resort and snap your selfie with the Flower Power Wall (#popflowerwall) at Disney’s Pop Century Resort. It’s bold and bright and makes for a perfect backdrop to your photo!!

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