(Updated on September 2021)

The Minnie Van Service is currently suspended at Walt Disney World. Stay tuned for updates.

The Walt Disney World Minnie Van service is now available to all Guests at Walt Disney World.

Minnie Vans is a private transportation service provided by Walt Disney World through Lyft. To request a Minnie Van, you need to download the Lyft app and create an account. The app is available on both iOS and Android devices. When you create an account, you will need to enter a credit card as all costs associated with the service are paid for directly through the app.

TIP: I would set up your account ahead of time so if you decide to use a Minnie Van during your stay, you are good to go!

TIP: I suggest requesting a Minnie Van via the app at the time you are ready. I do recommend when requesting one, to be ready and waiting. It’s possible you can wait up to 5 minutes for a van, or one can show up in less than a minute. It depends if there is a driver in the area. So be ready!

How Much Do Minnie Vans Cost?

The service started out costing $20 each way, then shortly after increased to $25 each way. As of September 10, 2018, the pricing has changed to a $15 flat fee plus $2.75 per mile, so depending on where you’re traveling the price will vary.

Here are a few examples with the new pricing:

  • Disney’s Polynesian Resort to Disney’s Animal Kingdom = $35.32
  • Disney’s BoardWalk Inn to Disney’s Animal Kingdom = $27.15
  • Disney’s BoardWalk Inn to Disney’s Hollywood Studios = $17.74

Should I Tip My Minnie Van Driver?

It is not required that you tip your Minnie Van driver, since they are Cast Members employed by Walt Disney World. However, I personally prefer to tip a few dollars for the service. It’s a personal preference and up to you. There is an option on the app itself to include the tip when paying for the service.

How Many People Can Fit in a Minnie Van?

Each Minnie Van can accommodate 6-8 guests comfortably. Car seats are available for use, and if you have an ECV, a bigger van can be requested. The same fees apply.

What Hours Do Minnie Vans Run?

The service is currently available between 6:30 AM and 12:30 AM. I have been told by several Minnie Van drivers that they will continue running until all Guests have been accommodated and taken safely to their destination(s). So it is possible that they run later.

How Do I Locate My Minnie Van?

When you request the Minnie Van via Lyft, you will be notified how long before your driver arrives to pick you up. At the Resort Hotels, Minnie Vans will pick you up in the front of the hotel, outside the Lobby. At each park, there is a dedicated area (usually near the bus depot). You will also be provided a license plate number via the app. That is how you will be able to identify your Minnie Van. Your driver will also have your name, so you will be able to confirm that way as well.

Do Minnie Vans Travel To and From Orlando International Airport (MCO)?

Yes, Minnie Van airport transportation is also available to and from Orlando International Airport for any guest staying at a Walt Disney World Resort.

If going to Orlando International Airport from your Walt Disney World Resort, visit the Concierge Desk to book your Minnie Van at least 24 hours in advance. The fee is $150 each way. For more details, click here.

Are Minnie Vans Worth It?

Do I think Minnie Vans are worth it? YES! While this is truly a matter of preference, I think the level of service is fantastic. It’s safe, reliable and usually quicker than using the free Disney transportation, such as the buses and monorail. I understand it’s more money than requesting a regular Uber (which you can still do), and it may not fit into everyone’s budget, but the idea of being driven to your destination by a Disney Cast Member is unique.

I recently tested the service during my stay at Disney’s BoardWalk Inn. I requested a Minnie Van and within 1 minute, he was there to pick me up. My driver was fantastic. I actually used the service twice (to and from Hollywood Studios), and ironically enough, had the same driver both times! We had a great conversation on both rides. He previously worked in security at WDW, and is now a Minnie Van driver. He said he absolutely loves his job and wouldn’t trade it for anything. He was fun and personable. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

Are Minnie Vans Here To Stay?

I don’t think Minnie Vans are going anywhere anytime soon. The original fleet consisted of 20 vans as part of the pilot. That number has grown exponentially. Everywhere you turn, there are Minnie Vans. Guests are using them, despite the somewhat hefty price – depending on where you are going. And as long as they are in demand, the service will continue to expand.

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