Epcot – Attractions

Advanced Training LabFuture WorldNoN/AAny Height
Bruce's Shark WorldFuture WorldNoN/AAny Height
Coral Reef - Disney's AnimalsFuture WorldNoN/AAny Height
Disney & Pixar Short Film FestivalFuture WorldYes2Any Height
Image Works - The "What If" LabsFuture WorldNoN/AAny Height
InnoventionsFuture WorldNoN/AAny Height
Journey Into Imagination with FigmentFuture WorldYes2Any Height
Leave A LegacyFuture WorldNoN/AAny Height
Living with the LandFuture WorldYes2Any Height
Mission: SpaceFuture WorldYes2Any Height
Project Tomorrow - Inventing the Wonders of the FutureFuture WorldNoN/AAny Height
Reef Fish - Disney AnimalsFuture WorldNoN/AAny Height
SeaBaseFuture WorldNoN/AAny Height
The Seas with Nemo & FriendsFuture WorldYes2Any Height
Sea Turtles - Disney AnimalsFuture WorldNoN/AAny Height
Sharks and Stingrays - Disney AnimalsFuture WorldNoN/AAny Height
Soarin' Around the WorldFuture WorldYes1
40" (102cm)
or taller
Spaceship EarthFuture WorldYes2Any Height
Test TrackFuture WorldYes1
40" (102cm)
or taller
Turtle Talk with CrushFuture WorldNoN/AAny Height
Disney Phineas
Ferb: Agent P's
World ShowcaseNoN/AAny Height
Kidcot Fun StopsWorld ShowcaseNoN/AAny Height
The American Adventure
World Showcase - America
NoN/AAny Height
American Heritage Gallery
World Showcase - America
NoN/AAny Height
O Canada!World Showcase - CanadaNoN/AAny Height
House of Whispering WillowsWorld Showcase - ChinaNoN/AAny Height
Reflections of ChinaWorld Showcase - ChinaNoN/AAny Height
Impressions de FranceWorld Showcase - FranceNoN/AAny Height
Bijutsu-kan GalleryWorld Showcase - JapanNoN/AAny Height
Grand Fiesta Tour Feat. the Three CaballerosWorld Showcase - MexicoNoN/AAny Height
Mexico Folk Art GalleryWorld Showcase - MexicoNoN/AAny Height
Gallery of the Arts & History
World Showcase - Morocco
NoN/AAny Height
Frozen Ever AfterWorld Showcase - NorwayYes1Any Height
Stave Church GalleryWorld Showcase - NorwayNoN/AAny Height