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We are certainly living in strange times and it’s weird knowing that our “home away from home”, our place of security, comfort and happiness, is closed for the short-term. Soon enough we’ll all be back and loving every minute of our park visits, but in the meantime, we have to social distance to help stop the spread of this awful virus! Even though the parks and resorts are closed, that doesn’t mean the we can’t sprinkle magic into our every day!

Disney has done a remarkable job keeping all of their fans entertained during this time of separation. From behind-the-scenes stories, to free Disney animation lessons, to virtual tours of the parks and attractions, Disney has opened their doors wider than they ever were before.

Here is a full list of all of the incredible entertainment provided to us (for FREE)! Be sure to take advantage of it!!

  • Happily Ever After Fireworks – Last week Disney presented a pre-recorded virtual viewing of the Happily Ever After fireworks show over Cinderella Castle. If you missed it, check it out here.

  • Mickey Mouse-shaped Beignets – Ever wonder how to make those infamous Mickey Beignets? Well wonder no more! Disney shares the recipes with us. Find it here!

  • Imagineering in a Box – Imagineering in a Box is a series of interactive lessons in theme park design and engineering, designed to give a behind-the-scenes peek into Imagineering’s development process. There are 32 videos for you to enjoy, absolutely free!!

  • Disney+ Early Releases – Because we are all “safe” at home and watching a lot of tv (I suspect), Disney has graciously released movies and programming earlier than anticipated to ease the pain of not being able to visit the parks. So far, Frozen 2, Onward, Elephant and Dolphin Reef have all been released earlier than anticipated. And we also recently found out that Artemis Fowl will go straight to Disney+ rather than be released in the theater. Visit Disney+ for more!

    New Disney Release Announcements:
    Prop Culture
     – starting May 1
    Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian – starting May 4th
    Rise of Skywalker – Releasing on May 4th

  • Disney Mobile Sorcerer’s Game – Disney also announced a new Sorcerers game called The Sorcerer’s Arena. This looks super cute based on the trailer video that was released. You can download the app to your phone and find more information here.

  • Disney Parks Recipes – Disney launched Disney Parks Recipes on the Disneyland and My Disney Experience mobile app! Log in to the app to take advantage of the recipes Disney shares from some of our favorite foods and drinks in the parks!

  • Now this one is not sponsored by Disney per se, but it is curated by the legendary Disney Imagineer, Joe Rohde. If you follow Joe on his Instagram page, you already know he’s been sharing photos (from his own personal archive) and behind-the-scenes stories of how Animal Kingdom came to be. Follow along for a fascinating look at Animal Kingdom. Each photo and story allows you to experience the park and its culture in a whole new way. Impress your friends and family next time you are at Animal Kingdom with the incredible knowledge you’ve gained from Joe’s historical and cultural walk through the park. For my full story, click here. Here is one of Joe’s posts…

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Here’s another little area in the park that has some interesting details. This peninsula used to be the absolute end of Asia in the park, before we built Kali River Rapids or Everest. It used to play only to the boats that used to travel around on the river. In a way, this was our promise that someday there would be an Asia at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. The little stupa is very similar to North Indian and Nepalese stupas. It called the Shikhar style. Once again shapes like this are sometimes associated with Hindu and sometimes with Buddhist ideas… We try not to commit either way, but there are steps leading down to the river on the far side which are more typically associated with ritual bathing and Hinduism. Over the years there have been many different utilizations proposed for the space on the peninsula… A water play area, a little dining spot, a character meet and greet spot,… Now it houses quite a bit of the equipment for the Rivers of Light show. By the way, when we were building the park, we put a time capsule under that little stupa. So, someday, it will be time to open it. I think most fans of the park are aware of the other peculiarity in this area, which is the shrine associated with Expedition Everest. This shrine, which is also a composite of styles mimics the silhouette of the mountains and holds a statue of the yeti as a protector spirit. This protector spirit motif is pretty consistent across a huge area. It’s usually a fierce looking being striding sideways, with one arm raised and one extended downwards, sometime holding ritual items or with an open palm. In our case the upraised arm of the yeti is holding the mountain itself. We adopted this motif for the yeti statues because the yeti is perceived in some oral traditions as exactly this kind of protector spirit. There are no real yeti in this pose because of the concept of an avatar. When the yeti is acting as a defender of sacred places it is an avatar of one of the divine protectors of the four directions. They look human. So we worked with Nepalese artists to create a fusion of the two ideas, the actual yeti and the yeti as divine protector. Bronze casters in Kathmandu made the statues.

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Enjoy all of these wonderful resources! As more are added, I will certainly update this list. Stay tuned!

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