Advanced Dining Reservations & Disney Dining Plan

Advanced Dining Reservations (ADRs)


All guests visiting Walt Disney World can make dining reservations.


  • For on site guests: Dining Reservations begin online at 6:00AM 180 days prior to Day 1 of your vacation. You can book your reservations for the length of your stay.
  • For off site guests: Dining Reservations begin online at 6:00AM 180 days ahead of the planned day you want to eat at a particular restaurant. In other words, if you are staying off site for 6 days, you will need to be prepared to be ready at 6:00AM for each day that you want to book a dining reservation. You cannot book for the length of your stay on Day 1 like onsite guests.
  • Phone lines open at 7:00AM. Be ready to call in case there are website issues, which has happened from time to time. The number is 407-WDW-DINE (407-939-3463).
  • Some dining options require a credit card on file for the reservation. Please have your credit card handy in case you need it. You can also save your credit card on file in your profile online.
  • There are several dining options that will require payment upfront to reserve your date/time. Many of the special event options require upfront payment.
  • There are dining packages available for certain late-night park shows. For example, in Disney’s Hollywood Studios, The Hollywood Brown Derby and Mama Melrose’s offers priority seating to view Fantasmic if you choose that option. Tiffins and Tusker House at Animal Kingdom offer priority seating to view Rivers of Light. Those options are available to you.


  • You may or may not be able to reserve your first choice for dining, or it may not be the exact time you planned, check back daily up to and including the day of your reservation. People cancel reservations all the time, so you may get lucky and get the time/date you originally wanted. The best time to check is 6:00AM when the reservations open for new reservations.
  • Make your Dining Reservations in order of priority, not chronological order.
  • Resort restaurants are as wonderful as park restaurants. Don’t forget to consider them when making Dining Reservations. Keep in mind if you dine at a resort you need to allow enough travel time from the park to the resort.

Disney Dining Plan (DDP)


The Disney Dining Plan is an optional add-on to your Magic Your Way Vacation Package (room and tickets), room only reservation, or DVC reservation. This allows you to pre-pay for your food, allowing your vacation to become similar to an all-inclusive experience. You won’t need to worry about money or what food items will cost throughout the day. Everything will be already paid for.


Depending on the dining plan that you choose, you will receive a number of dining credits to use each day, for you and every member in your family. The credits will be loaded to your account and you may use them as you wish.

Every member of your party needs a dining plan for the length of your reservation.  If you choose to do a split stay at multiple resorts, you can choose the dining plan for one half of your stay and not the other. You do have that option.

Your credits are good from the moment you check until midnight the on the day you check out. So you can technically stretch your dining credits to an extra day (your last/travel day) if you use them wisely and have time before you travel back home.

The credits you receive will be pooled together and can be used throughout your stay however you choose. For example, if you want to use 10 dining credits one day and 25 the next, you can. You can also share your dining credits with other members of your party – if you have friends/family joining you for dinner that are not on the plan, you can use your dining credits for them if you choose.  The credits are non-refundable though, so plan accordingly.

Not everyone needs to use dining credits at every meal. If there are 4 in your party, and 2 want to use dining credits and 2 want to order just an appetizer, you can do that. Just let the wait staff know at the start so they know how many credits to apply to the check. The balance of your credits will always be at the bottom of the receipt so you can easily keep track. You can also share meals. So if you want to order one meal to share and each get an appetizer, one of the appetizers will be out-of-pocket, the other using a dining credit. Again, just let the wait staff know how you want to use your credits.

Some restaurants will give you more value for your credits than others, but don’t let that dictate where you eat. Eat wherever you want! Overall, you will get your money’s worth from any of the dining location at WDW. But if you are looking to maximize your credits, locations in which the total cost of your Quick Service Meal is above $20 and Table Service is above $45 give you the best return on your investment on the Dining Plan. Generally buffets and character dining locations give you the best value. And the best use of the dining credits for both Quick Service and Table Service tend to be lunch and dinner.

There are multiple ways to check the remaining balance of your credits:

  • Remaining entitlements are printed at the bottom of your dining receipts
  • Ask your Resort Concierge or Guest Relations to obtain them at any time

Gratuity is not included, so be sure to factor that in when planning.


In order to purchase the dining plan, each member of your family needs to have a valid park ticket for the same amount of day as the dining plan.

Children under the age of 3 can share off of an adult plate, or at buffet’s can have their own plate. In order to buy your toddler their own dining plan, they need their own park ticket. Children under the age of 2 do not require a park ticket, so that is most likely not economical. I would recommend paying for them out-of-pocket.


Depending on the time of year you travel, you may get a “free” dining offer from Disney. This is the best value of all. For this offer, guests pay the regular, non-discounted rate for their hotel stay and park tickets, but get one of the dining plans at no additional cost. Keep in mind, if you choose the “free” dining offer, you will not be able to take advantage of hotel discounts – it’s one or the other. Sometimes, the hotel offer/discounts actually ends up being a better deal and save your more money in the long run than if you took the free dining offer. You have to weigh it out.

A free dining package usually requires booking a minimum 3-night stay and purchasing a minimum of 2-day “Park Hopper” tickets for everyone in your travel party. Dates for Free Dining are usually released in April for travel dates in the fall and winter. In 2019, Disney released “free” dining offers 3 times. That is very unusual, but clear that this option draws Guests in, so we may see more of that in the future where it’s offered multiple times a year.


Throughout the park you will see this symbol, which identifies locations to use your snack credits.

Snacks include:

  • Frozen ice cream novelty, popsicle or fruit bar
  • Popcorn scoop
  • 12 oz. coffee, hot chocolate or hot tea
  • Prepackaged milk or juice
  • Piece of whole fruit
  • Bag of snacks
  • 20 oz. bottle of Coca-Cola®, Sprite® or Dasani® water
  • 20 oz. fountain soft drink

A snack credit is valued at about $5. If there is something less than that, I would recommend paying out-of-pocket. But you can get double your value if you purchase a snack anywhere from $7-10. This would be common at one of the Epcot festivals where food/drink at any of the food booths costs about this much money. In this case, this would be a great way to use your snack credits.


As of 2018, alcoholic beverages are now included in the dining plan. You can get a specialty drink OR single-serving alcoholic beverage with every meal on the Disney Dining Plans!

Guests under 21 can choose from a non-alcoholic beverage or specialty drink. Guests over 21 with a valid form of identification can choose from a non-alcoholic beverage or specialty drink, or an alcoholic beverage such as wine, beer or a cocktail.

Non-alcoholic beverage includes items such as:

  • Artisanal Milkshakes
  • Fresh Smoothies
  • Premium Hot Chocolate
  • Soda, Coffee or Tea

Alcoholic beverage includes items such as:

  • Beer or Cider
  • Wine or Sangria
  • Mixed Drinks and Specialty Cocktails

DDP Pricing

Here is the pricing for this year and for 2020. You will see an increase in pricing for 2020. This is normal as the prices usually rise year over year.

Leftover Dining Credits

I often hear of families that have leftover credits at the end of their vacation. I hear many families on their last day will pay it forward and perhaps pay for the family behind them in line with their credits, or buy snacks and give them to a family in the park. You can also stock up on snacks also and carry them home with you. If you don’t use them, you lose them.

Disney Dining Plan Tip

I think one of the biggest things to consider when deciding if the Disney Dining plan is for you and your family is how much your family actually eats. If you are a light eater, like to be spontaneous, and prefer not be tied down by dining reservations, then the dining plan might not be for you.

On the other hand, if you enjoy Character Meals and buffets and have bigger eaters in your family, you could benefit greatly from the dining plan. You will also have to be willing to have a more strict schedule as you will have to book dining reservations at Table Service restaurants almost daily throughout your stay to maximize the dining plan.

Every family is different.

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