Animal Kingdom – Attractions

Affection Section
Rafiki's Planet Watch
NoN/AAny Height
African Birds - Disney AnimalsAfricaNoN/AAny Height
African Elephants - Disney AnimalsAfricaNoN/AAny Height
Avatar Flight of PassagePandoraYes1
44" (113cm)
or taller
The BoneyardDinoland U.S.A.NoN/AAny Height
Butterflies - Disney AnimalsAfricaNoN/AAny Height
Conservation Station
Rafiki's Planet Watch
NoN/AAny Height
DINOSAURDinoland U.S.A.Yes2
40" (102cm)
or taller
Dino-SueDinoland U.S.A.NoN/AAny Height
Discovery Island TrailsDiscovery IslandNoN/AAny Height
Everest -
Legend of the
44" (113cm)
or taller
Flamingos - Disney AnimalsDiscovery IslandNoN/AAny Height
Fossil Fun GamesDinoland U.S.A.NoN/AAny Height
Gibbons - Disney AnimalsAsiaNoN/AAny Height
Giraffes - Disney AnimalsAfricaNoN/AAny Height
Gorilla Falls Exploration TrailAfricaNoN/AAny Height
Habitat Habit!
Rafiki's Planet Watch
NoN/AAny Height
Hippopotamuses - Disney AnimalsAfricaNoN/AAny Height
It's Tough to be a Bug!Discovery IslandYes2Any Height
Kali River RapidsAsiaYes238" (97cm)
or taller
Kilimanjaro SafarisAfricaYes2Any Height
Lions - Disney AnimalsAfricaNoN/AAny Height
Maharajah Jungle TrekAsiaNoN/AAny Height
Migratory Birds - Disney AnimalsN/ANoN/AAny Height
Na'vi River JourneyPandoraYes1Any Height
The Oasis ExhibitsOasisNoN/AAny Height
Okapis - Disney AnimalsAfricaNoN/AAny Height
Primevil WhirlDinoland U.S.A.Yes2
48" (122cm)
or taller
Rhinos - Disney AnimalsAfricaNoN/AAny Height
Tamarins - Disney AnimalsDiscovery IslandNoN/AAny Height
Tigers - Disney AnimalsAsiaNoN/AAny Height
Tree of LifeDiscovery IslandNoN/AAny Height
TriceraTop SpinDinoland U.S.A.NoN/AAny Height
Vultures - Disney AnimalsDiscovery IslandNoN/AAny Height
Wilderness ExplorersMultiple LocationsNoN/AAny Height
Wildlife Express TrainAfricaNoN/AAny Height
Zebras - Disney AnimalsN/ANoN/AAny Height