Life just got so much easier with when vacationing at Walt Disney World!

Most of us use Amazon Prime these days to purchase a multitude of items! The beauty of Amazon is they have absolutely everything and anything you can imagine. I can’t think of one thing that you can’t do a quick search for and find on their website. And what makes it so amazing is with a few clicks, you can have it delivered to your house within 2 days, if not sooner!

Imagine having that convenience on vacation?! Well now you can! Amazon Prime delivers direct to Walt Disney World Resort hotels. AND within a 2 hour window!

Think about all the things you might no longer need to pack, and instead order from Amazon and have it delivered! Things like shampoo, soap, diapers, water, coffee, snacks… this list is endless! Packing for you and the family can be chaotic, but now you don’t have to worry about remembering everything!

It’s also a great way to save money. In the example I provide at the end of this post, you will see how much money I saved on water by not having the buy it in the parks! Things add up quickly, especially for big families, so wherever you can save a few dollars is always a good thing.

In order to use the Prime Now benefits, you do need to be an Amazon Prime Member. Not a Prime Member? Sign up for their trial service and you can reap the benefits immediately! Trust me, once you get a taste of how amazing this service is (at home and on vacation), you will want to become a member!

Let’s take a look at how easy it is to order!


Search for Amazon Prime Now on iTunes or Google Play and download it now! Login with your Amazon account username/password, or create a new account.

Download the app on iTunes or Google Play


You want to make sure that you use Orlando’s zip code (32830) for delivery.

It is worth noting that this service is for all of Orlando, so you can take advantage of this service at a non-Disney location such as Universal Orlando!


Search for the items you are looking for, select and add them to your cart. You can even order items that need to be refrigerated. Disney will keep them cold until you pick them up! And every hotel room in Walt Disney World has a mini refrigerator, as well.


Once you add all of the desired items to your cart, begin the checkout process. You will be asked to select a delivery window. In order for delivery to be free, you will need to spend $35, otherwise there is a small fee, as you can see in the screenshot below. If you’d like your items delivered in 1 hour, you can, for a nominal fee.


You are now ready to place your order! If you’d like to add a tip for delivery, you can. $5 is automatically added, so you will need to remove it or manually change it if you want to.

Confirm the delivery time. If not correct, select it and choose another time that works for you.

You will need to use the physical address of the hotel you are staying at. A quick google search will provide that information. Be sure to note the following when inputting the address: “GUEST – [YOUR FULL NAME]” followed by the address of the hotel. See example below. This will ensure when the Front Desk receives the package, they know it’s for a Guest staying at the hotel.

For extra certainty that the package will be delivered with no issue, note the following in the Delivery Instructions section: “Please deliver to the front desk of the [Insert the hotel you are staying at] at Walt Disney World”. See example below.

Click Place Your Order, when ready.


Your order will be delivered with 2 hours (1 hour if you opt to select it for a nominal fee). You will receive an email alert notifying you of the delivery.

Visit the Front Desk at your hotel to obtain your package. If the Front Desk doesn’t have it, they will direct you to where to pick it up. At the All Star Sports Resort, the pickup location is right at the entrance to the hotel.

I used the service when I visited in June for 4 days. I ordered water and snacks using the app while I was on the Magical Express heading to the hotel. My package arrived even sooner than 2 hours! I received an email notification it was ready to pick up.

Here’s why using this service is so amazing. I was able to save a ton of money by ordering water on Amazon. I purchased a 6-pack of 33.8oz bottles of Smart Water for $9.99. At the parks, a 20oz bottle of smart water is $5.50. For the same amount of water as I ordered on Amazon, I would need to spend $55 on Smart Water at the parks. So using Amazon Prime is absolutely worth it!

This service couldn’t be any more convenient and easy to use. I HIGHLY recommend it to anyone visiting Walt Disney World.

Hi there! I'm Marnie, a dynamic and creative writer and blogger with 5+ years experience writing SEO-optimized content for Walt Disney World-related travel websites, with the added bonus of 20+ years corporate experience in communications and training. My ultimate passion is simplifying today’s Walt Disney World planning complexities and equipping my readers with pro information and knowledge for designing a perfectly magical vacation. Happy travels!

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